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The El Katif Moonshriners Club
Home Page

The History of
the “Moonshriners”

The Moonshriners club had it's beginning in 1979 with 10 charter members. It was to be a club that didn't require the purchase of an expensive animal, motor bike, costumes, or expensive makeup. The early beginnings of the club had it's adversity, debt, mistakes, and moments of joy. Unsure of what type of Shrine club to be, the club decided to adopt a Hillbilly theme and christened themselves the “Moonshriners”.

In the beginning the club decorated a truck that belong to one of the members with signs, insignia and clothing from the goodwill store. The members adorned beards and carried shotguns.

The Moonshriners entered their first parade in Rearden, WA. and won an award. Shortly thereafter, the club acquired a 1935 Ford Flatbed 1 ˝ ton Truck, a true basket case. Then, with the addition of a makeshift still and a lot work, it was made road worthy for parades.

It was apparent that this kind of fun could be expensive, so the club had to find a way to fund itself. In 1980 the club came up with the idea of selling Elephant Ears at the Spokane County Fair, and it became a huge success and lucrative fun raiser.

In 1983 the Moonshriners acquired a 1968 twenty-five foot Chevrolet School bus. It was modified to transport members and Ladies, and tow a trailer loaded with the Ford flatbed truck. In 2004, a '32 Ford mini car was added as an additional parade vehicle decked out to look like a police/revenuer car. Additionally in 2004, the old school bus died, was retired, and replaced with an RV bus in 2005. It took a little over a year to modify and remodel the interior and exterior and make it show worthy.

The Moonshriners continuously try to come up with modifications to the parade vehicles and equipment that are interesting, innovative, and convey a little tongue in check humor.