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The El Katif Actors Unit
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Meet on each Shrine Stated Meeting Night

Nearly every Shrine organization has a unit that is responsible for the initiations of new members. Some units are known as Players, some as Thespians, some as the Ceremonial Divan.

In Our Temple our unit is known as "The Actors."

The Actors Unit of El Katif has a rich history of excellence in conducting the Initiation Ceremonial. At least five of the Past Potentates of our Shrine have or still belong and participate in our Unit.

The members of this Unit take their work seriously and are proud to be able to show the new members the basic membership requirements of becoming a Shriner in El Katif.

Within the Actors Unit are members who have been working in the ceremonials for more than twenty years. Some new members have joined the group in the past few years but vacancies still exist for more Nobles in order to continue the effectiveness of the initiation performance.

At one time the membership of the Actors Unit exceeded thirty active Nobles. Unfortunately we have fewer members than before, but the effectiveness of the unit still holds strong and is as good, or better, than any ceremonial team in all Shrinedom. In fact, we have been called upon to perform ceremonials for other Shrine Centers.

The Actors also perform collateral duties for El Katif when called upon to do so. These activities are, but not limited to: Circus, Duck Race, Fair, Auction, and any other function requiring extra efforts by the Nobles.

No matter what the Unit or Group does, perfection is the Goal! The El Katif Shrine Actors Unit are always seeking that goal.